Stella’s Staples

We had so much fun sourcing products for our store before we opened and still continue to do so every day, we both love seeing the excitement on the other ones face when we find a new product. One of the hardest products to source was rustic bread to match with our sensational cheese. We are thrilled to have Dench Bakers Artisan Sourdough Bread  in store every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We absolutely love the olive loaf with it’s hint of rosemary, most Friday’s you will find us devouring a loaf in store with whatever cheese is exceptional that week! In addition to Dench sourdough we also have the very talented Georgie from Real bread by George baking for us on Saturday’s, you can pre- order on her website to ensure you don’t miss out!

If you are feeling extremely indulgent why not try one of Dr Marty’s Crumpets with our pepe saya cultured butter and a delicious aromatic jam from Jam Lady Jam…Mmm maybe raspberry grappa 🙂 Who are we kidding really – as if you’re going to stop at one!

There is a pretty exciting time at Stella’s once a month, to be honest most times at Stella’s are exciting but we’re only going to tell you about the day that we pick up Drury Lane Co. English style muffins. You need to get in quick because once the muffin man has worked his magic creating these heavenly packs of goodness they fly out the door. To avoid disappointment and ensure you have a cracking breakfast to start your day (followed by morning tea and lunch, after all there are 5 muffins in a packet!) pre order your muffins.

Legumes, beans and grains – a staple in most pantries all over the world! We have a large selection of Australian organic products wherever possible, if you are a superstar and focus on sustainability have a chat to us about our bulk purchasing options.