Stella’s Speciality

We know first hand the difficulties that are associated when initially finding out you have a dietary intolerances. Furthermore, we understand the challenges when sourcing products that fit in with what makes you feel happy and comfortable on the inside. We strive to source products that meet everyone needs. We want Stella’s Pantry to be a destination where you can find products knowing they are healthy and nourishing, taste sensational and don’t compromise on flavour or fun.

Gluten Free:

Deli items, bread in our freezer and fresh in store on Fridays, pastry, flours and grains (buckwheat, quinoa, tapioca and amaranth just to name a few), pasta sauce & pasta, chips (corn, vegetable and potato), spice mixes, condiments (salsas, relish and pickle), chocolate, raw treats, biscuits, hot chocolate, probiotics- saurkraut, coconut kefir, probiotic drinks and icy poles.

Fructose Friendly:

Pasta and pasta sauce, chocolate, deli items, spice mixes, pastry, flours, grains and chips.

Dairy Free:

Condiments, biscuits, pasta sauces, icy poles, chips, dips and salsas.


 Chips, pasta & sauces, baked beans, raw treats, spreads, pancake mixes, muesli, icy poles and condiments.