Stella’s Pantry

You may find yourself being drawn into our store by the enormous wall of stocked goodies. These shelves were put together by Michael from Project 41 Constructions,  a brother of Bella’s partner. Our shelves are stocked with delicious products from artisan producers. We want our products to get your mind ticking, thinking of all the endless recipes and flavour combinations you can put together in your own kitchen. From the gourmet chef, to the amateur cook and all those health warriors out there, you are sure to find a product, or a few, worthy of your pantry.  So go on, come in and visit us. Lets swap recipes, talk about dream products, get creative in the kitchen and reminisce on past meals that made your taste buds explode!

Here are a few products that we recommend for you to include in your pantry from ours:

For those meatless Monday meals make sure you have some Mount Zero Demeter certified biodynamic pulses and grains in your pantry.

Have a romantic evening and enjoy delicious passion pasta.

Get spicy with Gewürzhaus. The Epicure’s Jane Willson sums it up pretty well: “Think of the lolly shop of your childhood dreams, substitute herbs and spices and you’re at Gewürzhaus”.

Hola Amigos – For the true taste of Mexico you must try El Cielo products.

For those fancy pants out there, your pantry is not hipster enough unless you have a bottle of Noble handcrafted tonic! Be it Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup delicately drizzled over your buckwheat waffles or a splash of Pharaoh’s Heirloom Lemon Matured White Wine Vinegar to liven up any salad, your taste buds will truly be in heaven. 

Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth we have a variety of provisions to please…