Stella’s Fridge

Take a peak into our fridge and you will see some interesting products you may have never seen before – from fermented veg and probiotic drinks to delicious free range eggs and fresh pasta.

Get Cultured with Pat’s Veg and Dr Chan’s Feeling good tibicos!

Pat and his team make delicious  raw, organic, handmade range of cultured vegetables. Pat sources veggies locally and his ferments are sure to provide an array of benefits to improve your intestinal fitness.

Dr Chan’s brews are formulated by Dr Miin Chan. She totally kicks ass! Originating in mexico, made in Dayelford Vic, Miins magical effervescent tibicos aid in digestion. Her beverages also support your  biology-immunity and mental health- through maintaining intestinal happiness.

We love supporting local! That’s why we are thrilled to announce we are now stocking Hillgrove Farm free range eggs from Darnum. Dianne, Andrew and Bob invited us out to their farm to meet the chooks and aren’t they gorgeous! Go on grab some bacon, maybe a little spinach from the Warragul Farmers Market and enjoy eating eggs that taste just like they did in the good old days.