Stella’s Deli

You can find cheese from all over the world in our deli. We are amazed every day when looking into our deli cabinet and seeing so may wonderful, hand crafted, artisan cheese. It’s a joy to share these cheeses with you all.

Come in store to find out what the cheese of the week is, you might even be able to have a sneaky little taste.

Charcuterie – all of which is Australian with the exception of our Italian Prosciutto and Spanish Jamon, all products are high quality with minimal additives – and they are all gluten free! Sliced fresh to order, come in and purchase a few slices or half a kilo whatever your needs may be.

Antipasto of the highest quality, fresh and available for purchase in any quantity required – we do not believe in pre-tubbing. So far our marinated octopus and white anchovies have been a real hit with local customers, you must come in and try them for yourself.

For a real crowd pleaser we recommend that you try the black peppercorn pate from Peter Bouchier in Toorak. If you’re a chip and dip lover we have sold bucket loads of Roza’s artichoke and garlic dip, “the creamy partner you need to go with crunchy falafel chips!”