Hard cooked

Hard cooked cheeses are the largest in size of all cheese and also have the lowest moisture content, because of the lower moisture content they also last the longest. There are two types of hard cooked cheeses; granular and smooth. Granular hard cooked cheeses are produced by cutting the curds finely and then cooking and scalding at a high temperature. Smooth hard cooked cheeses have a more elastic, pliable texture as the curds are not cut as small therefor less moisture is forced out.

Some of the very versatile hard cooked cheeses you will find in our cheese fridge: (I usually find teeth marks in these at home!)

Beaufort d’Alpage
Cacio di Bosco Truffle Pecorino
Grana Padano
Heidi Gruyere
L’Etivaz Alpage AOC
Parmigianno Reggiano
Pecorino Pepato
Pecorino Romano
Shaw River Annie Baxter
Swiss Gruyere
Swiss Viamala

Don’t limit Parmigianno to your pasta, it is beautiful as a starter with balsamic vinegar or shaved over salad!