Cheese is preserved milk. From four basic ingredients; milk, starter culture, rennet and salt, many thousand different cheeses can be made. We are intrigued by this at Stella’s Pantry and we strive to have a large selection of these amazing cheeses available, below are some of the regulars you will find in our cheese fridge. Our range changes weekly so if there’s something specific you are after feel free to give us a call on (03)5611 0869 or reach out via email:































Cheese handling & Storage at home:

Cheese handling and storage depends on the type of cheese and moisture content. The higher the moisture content (fresh and soft surface mould ripened cheeses) the lower the shelf life, the lower moisture content (hard cheeses) the longer the shelf life. We wrap all of our cheese in wax paper when you take it home, leave your cheese in this paper whilst it is in the fridge to stop it drying out. Ensure your cheese is stored in a dry place in the fridge, if it becomes wet it is likely to grow unwanted surface mould.

When you are ready to eat your cheese make sure you take it out of the fridge a good hour or longer before you are ready to eat it so that it can get to room temperature and all the flavours come through.

We do not recommend freezing cheese as it compromises the quality, purchasing smaller quantities more frequently will ensure the quality is always high and we love seeing your smiling faces :